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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

This site is an educational resource for classic car owners and admirers. Because the information contained on this site is added by potentially anonymous users and is not fact-checked by the site operators, no guarantee is made that the information is accurate.

Individuals are granted permission to use the data on this site for personal edification. Any commercial use of data on this site is prohibited without express written consent.


This site is not a commercial venture. Monies collected from donations and other sources go directly to supporting the site.


Enthusiasts come in all ages, and we'd like to keep this a family-friendly site. If you see a comment which is obscene or offensive, let the webmaster know.

Please be aware that comments are posted immediately upon submittal and are not moderated. We do not need or condone critical commentary about people, owners or businesses--but we encourage open discourse about the cars themselves. Please use the common rule of "would you say this to someone in person?" when posting comments. Commercial advertising of any nature or open solicitation of cars for sale is not allowed in the comments. Note that by adding a comment you are "uploading information" and the terms for that apply, see below.

Uploading Information

By uploading information you are guaranteeing that it is accurate to the extent to which you are aware. This site is under no obligation to remove information that you upload; by uploading information you grant us permission to be display the information indefinitely on this site.


By uploading a photograph to the web site, you are guaranteeing that you are the copyright holder and you grant non-exclusive rights to this site for use and promotional purposes in perpetuity. Please note that if you upload a photo and later would like it removed, we will generally do so but are not obligated to. If you own the copyright to an image which has been uploaded here without permission and wish to have it credited or removed, please contact us and we will do so.

Individuals may use the photographs on this site for use on their local PC. Use of any site images on other web sites, whether personal or commercial, is prohibited without permission.


Other sites should link to the front page to guarantee that the link will still be active in the future!


Content on this site may not be presented within another site's frame or other identifying structure unless there is a clear way for the user to remove said frame, and the content on this site cannot be altered in appearance in any way.

Owner's Section

If you opt to join the owner's section, you understand that (a) there is no expectation of privacy in regards to the information you place in the optional "bio" and "photo" fields and (b) that your entry can be removed at any time without explanation.

Please respect this site and other users--do not put anything in your photo or your bio which could either be construed as offensive or as an assault on this site, its users or its goals. Religion, politics and sexual content are all taboo.

Note: Being listed on this site as an owner carries no legal weight. Users who are pointed at this site as evidence of someone's ownership of a particular car are urged to verify that information through their own research.


We generally do not gather personal information. In those few cases that occurs, we will not sell or share said information. Commercial or promotional use of any email addresses that may appear on the site is strictly prohibited. Email addresses entered in any box that specifically asks for an email address will be redirected to our anonymous email form and hidden from other site users.

While every effort is made to safeguard the data on this site, there is the possibility that we may be hacked or that an unknown security flaw may cause something to explode, melt-down, or otherwise not function as expected. We cannot be held accountable for any damages that may result.

Uploaded data is recorded anonymously; we do not record IP addresses or other personally identifiable information.



The venue for legal disputes regarding this site will be the courts of Island County in the state of Washington, United States of America.

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